What is USKOK?
USKOK is the Croatian abbreviation for the Office for the Suppression of Corruption and Organised Crime. The Office is a special state attorney office competent for the prosecution of corruption and organised crime. Its seat is in Zagreb and it is competent for the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia.
Why was USKOK established?
USKOK is a specialized body established at the end of 2001 as a reflection of the need to pay special and systematic attention to the phenomenon of corruption and organised crime in all its segments - education, prevention and suppression. In this way, Croatia has also fulfilled its obligations under the adoption of international documents.
Which criminal offenses are under USKOK’s jurisdiction?
The jurisdictions of USKOK extends to corruption criminal offenses and criminal offenses committed as part of a criminal organization or criminal association.
If three or more persons commit a crime, is USKOK competent to prosecute them?
As a rule, the intention of continuous, occasional or permanent criminal activity is required in order for persons to be referred to as a group in the criminal sense or other way of associating three or more persons in a joint action with the aim of committing criminal offenses. Therefore, if it is a matter of their spontaneous association for the purpose of committing a criminal offense, then the prosecution of the perpetrator is not within the jurisdiction of USKOK.
Can USKOK control the work of other state attorney's offices, courts or administrative bodies?
USKOK is not authorised to control the work or decisions of other administrative and judicial bodies or the legality of their actions unless a suspicion exists that a criminal offense within USKOK’s jurisdiction was committed. Citizens who are dissatisfied with the way certain proceedings are conducted or with their outcome, often conclude that the reason for such outcome or decision is the corruption of certain persons or groups, without citing any evidence in support of such a claim. However, the mere assumption that something is “corruption” is not sufficient to initiate criminal proceedings against a person.
Can information be obtained on crime report filed with USKOK?
Information on the pre-investigation phase in proceedings within the competence of the Office is an official secret and may not be disclosed to the public without the special approval of the Head of USKOK. Otherwise, it is a matter of committing the criminal offense of disclosing an official secret. Likewise, information on the identity of the person against whom a crime report has been filed and information on the basis of which the identity of that person can be obtained is an official secret.